ANAL erotic story

I hadn’t seen my sister Karen for about four years and was quite shocked to see how much she had changed; not only in her appearance but also in the way she talked and acted. Karen is three years younger than me that makes her 23 now, she stopped living with mom and dad about six years ago, dropped out of school and travelled around for a couple of years. When she returned home she got mixed up with some very unsavoury characters and eventually took off again with this guy, a real low life who was into everything…drugs, prostitution, you name it, he was into it.

Karen when young was a very sweet, beautiful girl, looking at her sat opposite me I realised she still was beautiful only now the look of innocence was gone and was replaced by one of streetwise hardness. Her bleached blonde hair was cropped short, she was wearing a very short skirt and the thin, tight vest showed she was bra less as her nipples could easily be seen. My name is Stuart; I’m 26, single and was doing alright for myself. I had a great job, a nice apartment and car. I worked for a promotions and advertising agency. Karen had phoned me, she said she wanted to talk and well…this is where my story starts.

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